DyCops2013.Org is a free online ebook/manual/pdf search engine which uses IndexMaxPro technology to operate with millions of ebooks and other text documents.

Why we are so unique? We can declare that we have created a real-time indexing machine which analyses all documents and books in pdf format 'on-fly'. We don't index filenames/snippets/headers - we search through all the documents which indexed in our database. This way you get as relevant results as it is possible.

Another great feature is that we constantly and hardly work to keep our database actual and updated. We use several server clusters to scan the entire web searching for new ebooks and updating existing documents on daily basis. Each day we add approximately 30,000 new ebooks and manuals.

DyCops2013.Org is extremely useful for scientists, students, teachers, readers and anyone who looks for interesting, rare and useful books or manuals.

Using our free service is very simple: just enter the needed ebook name in the search field and click the 'Search' button. You'll get the most relevant documents. Good luck!